We are excited and honoured to welcome a very special guest in town: Canadian improviser Jacob Banigan! Jacob visits Mainz to receive the "Deutscher Kleinkunstpreis", a prestigious award! And wow, we are lucky enough to have him perform a show with us on the night before the ceremony!

In the first half, Jacob will perform together with us and in the second half he will play his acclaimed solo show.  Inspired by the audience's interpretation of his tarot cards, equipped with nothing but an egg timer, this is one of the best pieces of improvised theatre in the world. We watched it twice and it is a mind-blowing set. Seriously, don't miss this show! 

Show will be in EASY ENGLISH. 

Special thanks goes to Improvisationstheater Mainz e.V. for the invitation!

Jacob Banigan Die Affirmative Soloshow
jacob banigan die affirmative