At the invitation of our friends and colleagues "Swaajp" Die Affirmative will perform our signature format "The Coup" followed by a mixed show with Swaajp in the second half. 

About "THE COUP"

An improvised heist comedy - hot outfits, high security and thrilling action stunts.

Meet a very unique gang!

Yes, they are gangsters - but we adore them for their style and humour. We should judge them - but we can't help crossing fingers.
Because they are on their way to landing the biggest score ever. An impossible coup. Noone has ever succeded, noone has even come close.  They will overcome insurmountable walls and an unimaginable level of security. The peak and the end of their careers. Maybe. Or maybe they will fail.

What coup will they land? What treasure will the team try to steal? What high security theshold does the team need to overcome? And what special skill does each of the members posess to help them?

That is up to you, the audience, to decide! Come with us on THE COUP, a not-so-serious heist where plans do not fail and gangsters do not fall. Unless they do.

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